About Glenn G Cheng Law Chambers

Glenn G. Cheng Law Chambers (“GGCLaw“) entered service on Thursday 15 September 2022 SGT as a set of barrister’s chambers (in the form of a sole proprietorship with one non-legal consultant). Expansion plans will follow in due course.

GGCLaw’s ideology is to provide an uncluttered, direct, client-facing “one-stop” suite of legal services comprising:

  • Major energy/infrastructure/engineering and construction projects related advisory services comprising a “tender to completion/commissioning” scope for bid assessment support, contractual drafting and negotiation, delivery controls and performance risks, claims and defences, defaults and unforeseen disruptions, termination strategy and contractually regulated dispute resolution.
  • Global cross-border and domestic corporate transactions including investment funding, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • (International arbitration) Counsel roles; and,
  • (Independent) Arbitrator and comparable tribunal roles.

GGCLaw will explore different cost models and adopt innovations to promote efficiency, including “teaming arrangements” with client’s resources and external Singaporean, and other locally qualified counsel where it is agreed that such collaborations would be beneficial to the case, or project in question. Where necessary, GGCLaw will keep the discretion to seek your approval to “carve-out” the instructing/supporting solicitors’ role and to instruct external firms of solicitors of our choice and onward recommendation to you. At GGCLaw, the selection process will in each instance be a closely coordinated and consulted process aligned with each client’s needs and concerns being specifically addressed, assessed, and strictly adhered to.

As a value-added innovation GGCLaw is staffed with an in-house (Non-Legal) Business and Financial Consultant, Mr Kewee Kho, who is an institutional investment, and financial services expert. Mr Kho will be available to aid and support GGCLaw, or to consult and collaborate with our clients’ commercial teams in investigating and sounding commercial deal feasibilities, as well as to help GGCLaw in terms of developing heads of claim and particulars of quanta.

“I have been working with Glenn (Cheng) and his team on several matters during the past few years. Our requests have always been very challenging both in terms of time delivery and subject-matter.

We have always received very high-quality results, and the documents produced by Glenn have by far exceeded our expectations.

The distinctive characteristics of the advice that we received from this lawyer are for sure – clarity and reasonableness – two characteristics that are essential for people like us (working not before Tribunal, but) at Project level and on the operative side.”

–  Maire Tecnimont SpA
(Italy, Malaysia, Philippines)

Glenn (Cheng) has been working with us on the Tuas Mega Port Project. Given the nature of the Project, and the associated Contract, we regularly encounter difficult and complex legal and contractual conundrums.

Glenn’s advice on these various matters has been pivotal to us being able to formulate a commercial and contractual strategy associated with these thorny issues.

Working with Glenn is an absolute pleasure. He is obviously a highly skilled lawyer, but more than that, he understands the commercial and political implications associated with a given contractual and legal strategy and can provide tailored advice to take these aspects into consideration.

Glenn is extremely personable and a pleasure to work with and is always available to provide high quality and rapid advice at a moment’s notice.”

– Penta-Ocean / Hyundai / Boskalis JV
(Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Singapore)

In recent years construction contracts have become larger and more complex and as a result it was important for us to engage the services of a lawyer with experience and expertise in our field.

 We found that experience and expertise in the construction and engineering practice of Mr Glenn G. Cheng. His services have been excellent and whilst construction contracts by nature require quick decision making, it was refreshing to find a lawyer that understands this.

We can confidently recommend Mr Cheng and his team as solid and reliable experts in the construction and engineering field.

– Dredging International Asia Pacific (Belgium, Singapore)

Over the years I have really come to treasure those lawyers who listen to what clients want.

He’s a technical expert in his field, he has the ability to convince. It is very much like watching a (KC) at work. Of our many war stories over the years and upon reflection, all share the common theme of (Mr Glenn Cheng) digging us out of trouble.

In one phrase to encapsulate him, I’d say he’s really user-friendly.”

– Clough

(Australia, Indonesia)

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GGCLaw is a bespoke, highly exclusive, and cost-competitive set. It achieves this by insisting on quality over quantity; and to be conservatively selective about clients and cases.

Importantly, it is at heart a richly experienced but still yet “anti-traditional” legal industry pioneer.

Practice Areas


  • Contract structuring, negotiations, drafting, and associated advisory work;
  • Project feasibility and delivery risk analyses;
  • Advice on the evidence, as well as on the merits of claims (and defences to claims);
  • Advice on contractual controls and events of non-performance;
  • Advice and support on the preparation of claims and assocated submissions;
  • Advice and support on intra-contractual and (external or independent) alternative dispute resolution;
  • Statutory adjudication work;
  • Dispute (Adjudication and Review) Board work;
  • Independent (Referee or) Determination work ;
  • (International) Arbitration Counsel work;
  • Domestic Litigation Counsel work;
  • Independent (International) Arbitrator work; and,
  • Emergency (International) Arbitrator work.


  • Commercial Contracting;
  • PPP, and Concession-based DBOO(T) Projects;
  • Traditional, Turnkey (Design and Build), and EPC/EPC(C/IC) Projects;
  • Design and Professional Services (and Consultancy) Agreements;
  • Energy (Oil & Gas) Exploration, Production (Offshore), Joint Development, and Production Sharing Projects;
  • Subsea and Engineering Support Services;
  • Energy (Renewable) Concession and Production Sharing Projects;
  • Power Supply and Purchase Arrangements (and Off-take Agreements);
  • Operation and Maintenance Agreements;
  • Plant (Onshore – Process Engineering) Design and Build Projects;
  • Civil and Marine Engineering Projects;
  • (Seabed) Dredging, Land Reclamation and Environmental Management;
  • (Seabed) Submarine Cable Systems;
  • Built-Environment (Foreshore Defence and Fortification);
  • Built-Environment (Onshore Infrastructure and Utilities);
  • Built-Environment (Onshore Ports and Transporation);
  • Built-Environment (Onshore Buildings and Structures);
  • Built-Environment (Onshore Townships and Industrial Zones); and,
  • General Project Performance Controls and Supply Chain Advisory.

Why Glenn G Cheng Law Chambers

GGCLaw is a bespoke, highly exclusive, and cost-competitive set. It achieves this by insisting on quality over quantity; and to be conservatively selective about clients and cases.

Importantly, it is at heart a richly experienced but still yet “anti-traditional” legal industry pioneer.

Our Team


Glenn George Cheng has more than 25 years in private legal practice, during which he has served as a partner in Singapore, UK and US based global law firms. Today, Glenn is the founding owner and managing partner of an independent set of chambers in which he maintains an exclusively client-customised, specialist practice as arbitrator, international arbitration counsel and project advisor.

Glenn has a singular industry reputation in terms of complex projects including large-scale blue-water heavy civil and marine engineering, and ports construction projects; having been involved since 2015 in advising in seamless sequence, the respective JV head contractors on each of Phase One and Phase Two stages (comprising “Finger 2” and “Finger 3”) EPC (Turnkey) packages of the Tuas Terminal “Mega-Port” Project – which, at 65mil TEUs handling capacity p.a will stand as the world’s largest port infrastructure when all (four) Finger piers are completed.

In other infrastructure projects, he has acted on PPP/DBOO(T) projects across Singapore and the SEA-Asia-Pacific region. In traditional procurement platforms he has advised the Jurong Island Westward Expansion (JIWE) project in Singapore, as well as BOT/DBOO(T), ports construction projects in Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, India, and Saudi Arabia.

In the fields of energy projects and specifically in terms of offshore exploration and production, Glenn has acted in oil and gas MODU rig new-buildings, RLEC works, asset sale and purchases; as well as in shipyard-based EPC(I)(C) asset fabrication contracts. He is also well-known for his work on subsea drilling support engineering services contracts, as well as in non-oil-and-gas submarine cable EPC projects.

During the COVID-19 pandemic “lockdown” periods internationally, Glenn advised numerous key clients and projects across Italy, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and the UAE.

At this stage of his career, Glenn has been involved in leading and advocating cases, as well as (in) advising multi-disciplinary projects worldwide which cumulatively exceed US$20bn in aggregated value.

Kewee Kho is focused on investments, corporate and financial advisory to institutional and private clients. His work experience over the last 25 years accumulated from the US and Asia-Pacific is multi-roled which include investment banking, private equity, venture capital, investments, corporate and business development, corporate finance, entrepreneur, and business management, covering a broad spectrum of industries.

Kewee is also independent director of SGX-listed MS Holdings Limited and Zhongmin Baihui Retail Group Ltd. He was previously board member of Lee Metal Group Limited and Courts Asia Limited.

Kewee is a Fellow of Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and member of Singapore Institute of Directors. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University, and Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration from National University of Singapore, Law.

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